In Rigel Prima, Vampires are typically classed as their own species different from the normal type of specie found. Depending on the type of vampirism, this biological state of being is either natural, unnatural, or akin to an infectious disease. Because of the diversity in BLN, different types of vampires exist in the canon and all have varying abilities or functions.

Types of Vampires Edit

World of Darkness Vampires Edit

'Kindred' or Canities Vampires are similar to classic vampires from literature, inheriting a weakness to sunlight, a thirst for blood, and immortality. The method of creation is via draining a chosen individual of all their blood and placing their own blood (even as little as a drop) into them. Forever subjected to bestial emotions of hunger, fear, and rage.

Mo'Gallian Vampires Edit

Mo'Gallian vampires are not caused by infection or curse nor will they infect anyone to pass their version of vampirism along to other living creatures. They utilize blood to fuel magic and abilities. The three subset categories of this vampirism have differing weaknesses.

Hellsing Vampires Edit

'Hellsing' Vampires typically follow traditional vampirism traits, but is split into two categories of natural versus artificial. This vampirism only manifests under extremely specific circumstances to originate from seemingly nowhere or when a vampire willfully chooses to sire one if the rare conditions are met. These vampires feed on human blood and exhibit extraordinary strength and power beyond normal human ability. Under specific circumstances artificial vampires are capable of returning to normal.

BlazBlue Vampires Edit

These vampires are extremely rare and not much is known about them. There are only two species on record for these types and they vary slightly, one requiring blood to function and the other not. It's generally accepted these strains of vampirism are not infectious.

Elder Scrolls Vampirism Edit

This type of vampirism is a true disease which can be contracted through contamination by blood, touch, or magical transferal. If left untreated, will develop into full-fledged vampirism. These vampires become weaker during the day and require sentient creatures' blood to function properly. Magical ability is enhanced by this vampirism but also gives a weakness to fire. This disease can be reversed or cured by use of a Soul Gem in a ritual to cleanse the body of the curse.


  • In Town, "leech" is a derogatory word for 'vampire'.

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