Trixie Clone Number 5
Sniper Scope Trixie
Basic Info
Age 5
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Race Clone Pony
Classification Trixie Clone
Affiliation The Manor, Trixie Clones
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Better Layton Never
Powers Basic Magic, Summoning, Teleportation
Weapons Basic Magic attacks, Large Variety of Weaponry
Equipment Binoculars, Invisibility Pills, N7 Armor, Military Armor, Some Other Really Bulky Armor
Status MIA
Face Claim The Great and Powerful Trixie
Player Jo Of The Toast

Number Five is a gun slinging Trixie Clone who is always ready for a fight.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Although a Unicorn, Number Fives abilities are more focused on that of weapon use. Unable to carry many weapons on her at a time, she learned how to teleport objects to herself from her weapons storage. Through her training with a large variety of weapons, she also picked up machine and robot repair.


Number Five is a very straight forward and fearless fighting pony. Difficult to gain the trust of, but once you have it she will remain loyal to death if necessary. Unfortunately because of her Evil Clone DNA she is quick to anger and once she engages in combat, she can be merciless to her enemy. Always preparing to fight she continuously thinks of potential uses for any information of equipment she comes across. Although skilled in combat, her inability to sleep effects her ability to think in situations that require more than military prowess and raw strength.


Not much has been revealed regarding Number Five's history before Number Eight arrived at the first Trixie Clone Base. While the finer details of her past are unknown we do know she worked as a mercenary of sorts and with those funds built the first Trixie Clone Base. Number Five's initial contact with Wayne Manor were through that of Number Eight and from then on become invested in the events that regularly took place there. Eventually becoming more involved than Number Eight. Declaring herself the prime guardian of all Trixie Clones her main focus at first was for the protection of Number Eight, that was up until a relationship bloomed between Number Eight and Dusty Page. Regardless of the number of adventures Number Five ended up involved in with the Manor Dwellers, Number Five kept her distance usually preferring to watch from afar to avoid unnecessary contact. Though, always ready to help when she was needed. The assistance of the Manor in defeating the Zero Clone Rebellions caused a change in her, helping her to see that these truly were friends and allies to her and any in need. The ever growing danger of the Evil Clone DNA within her however kept her from wanting any kind of real connections with any of the residence. Sometimes after the Second Zero Clone Rebellion and the reveal of the Evil clone DNA activating in two of the Zero Clones at this point, she decided that it was time to find a cure before it overtook her very being. Placing the Trixie Clone Base and the connecting Vault-Tec Vault (renamed City Zero) on lock down, Number Five set out on her quest to find a cure for her Evil Clone DNA,

Relationship GuideEdit

  • (Character) - Friend
  • (Character) - Lover
  • (Character) - Enemy

Feel free to add more complex types of relationship or go into detail about specific relationships if it pleases you.

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