Trender Man
If we don't rip off his face, the fate of the universe could be at stake.....oh who really cares, he was adopted anyway
Basic Info
Age as Old as Sapient life
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Personified Concept
Classification Fashionesta
Affiliation Wayne Manor
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Tumblr
Powers Able to spontaneously generate clothing of the latest trends
Weapons None
Equipment None
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Ivory

Trender Man is the personified Concept of Trends, what's hip, and what's fashionable.  Trender Man's name stems from his physical similarities to the being known as Slender Man or Slender Mane

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Trendy intuitively knows what the latest fashions and Trends are, and is able to manifest them at will.


Quirky and eccentric are two ways "Normal" people would call Trendy upon meeting him, but compared to the other people of Wayne Manor, Trender Man has relatively calm and balanced attitude, he can often be found either reorganizing people's wardrobes, or drinking Tea in the lounge.  At the mention of Crocs, he becomes extremely homicidal for some odd reason.


Trender Man arrived at the mansion after being kicked out of his old house by his Ex-boyfriend, who had stated he was to creepy to keep around.  During a romp in the woods, he met the young girl, Janet, and invited her to stay at the manor.  Since then he's remained in the background for a majority of the major events

Relationship GuideEdit

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