Basic Info
Age 15
Birthday ???
Gender male
Race Robot/Android
Classification Host of Toonami
Affiliation Ghost Planet, Moltar
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Toonamiverse
Powers N/A
Weapons Plasma Pistol
Equipment Clyde 53s
Status Active
Face Claim TOM 3, N/A
Player Ivory

TOM (Toonami Operations Module) is a sardonic, wisecracking robot who is the second and current host of Toonami . He has undergone five (technically six) different incarnations in his nearly nine total years at the helm of the block, including the run on Adult Swim. TOM is the custodian of the Absolution. TOM and SARA's (the AI of the ship) primary responsibilities include ensuring the ship is properly maintained as well as broadcasting the Toonami signal to the world. TOM frequently throws out one-liners and, like Moltar before him, gives sage advice to viewers about moral issues like bravery and standing up for what's right. frequently, he'll pass along video game reviews, people interviews, and other various commentary.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Being a crackshot with a Laser pistol is the most we'll ever know of TOM's combat capabilities, but as for other skills, judging by his video game reviews, TOM is quite the avid gamer.  

As he is able to gather data and signals from all over the multiverse through the clydes, it can pressumed he has high functioning data management and processing.


Wisecracking and Sardonic, TOM is over all a good guy, being able to give advice to those who need it if asked.  Being brave to an almost fool hardy extent, TOM often jumps into things far too quickly, especially if friends are involved.


Having flown into orbit around Rigel Prima, TOM uses this position to record and organize the events of a day into manageable sections, each airing as a different show on Toonami.

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