Skip Tracer
Skip Tracer small
Basic Info
Age ???
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Pony
Classification Pegasus
Affiliation ESF
Chumhandle ???
Origin World My Little Pony
Powers Investigative Skills, Razor Wing Training
Weapons Wings, Hooves
Equipment None
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Jo Of The Toast

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Skip Tracer is a highly trained member of the Equestrian Special Forces. Other than his razor wing training, Skip's special talent is his ability to track down others.


Always thinking on his feet, Skip Tracer always feels like he has something to contribute to any situation, regardless of the circumstances. Once he has set his mind to something, convincing him to steer off course or abandon his goals is a difficult task, but not impossible. Though he is hard headed, he is willing to listen to reason. So long as it comes from a figure he respects. He is generally friendly, but does his best to avoid becoming to attached to anyone.


Skip Tracer was accepted into the Royal Guard after he showed his skill and talent in training. Throughout his career he completed many assignments for Princess Celestia and proved his worth as a productive member of her guard. With his special talent in mind, Skip was moved to be part of the ESF to assist in the ongoing investigation of the pony slave ring. Eventually being assigned to investigate particularly odd missing pony cases that had gone cold. When investigating one such case, Skip was caught off guard at the bombing of Canterlot by Thanos, and was killed instantly.

Sometime later, when Frank the Body Snatcher found himself in danger, he summoned a horde of undead to assist him which consisted of various corpses he had gathered from around the country. One of such was that of Skip Tracer. Shortly after being reanimated and attacking the Wayne Manor residents who had assaulted Frank, Skip was unintentionally fully resurrected by Alton Sutcliff. He subsequently joined the team in taking down Frank and is now residing at Wayne Manor while he rests up and Wade Wilson catches him up on the years worth of events he missed while he was dead.

Relationship GuideEdit

Feel free to add more complex types of relationship or go into detail about specific relationships if it pleases you.

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