Basic Info
Age 16
Birthday 12/21
Gender Female
Race Human
Classification Shaman
Affiliation Barbarossa
Chumhandle ???
Origin World OC
Powers Depends on the staff or chime she is using.

Extends to healing, elemental manipulation, among other things.

Weapons Staffs and Chimes with different effects
Equipment (See above)
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Patches

Shen-Mu is a young albino shaman living in the oceanlocked city of Barbarossa. Along with her sunsensitive skin, she is also blind, but in no way suffers from it.


Very little is known about Shen-Mu's past, even to those who know her close, no one knows her parents either. But, there is a story, a rumour, regarding her. Before Shen-Mu was born, it is said that there was a woman that could bare no children. She had been infirtled for years. One day, she prayed to the god of the sea, and he answered her calls. 9 months later she gave birth to a daughter, Shen-Mu. Whether this story is true or not, is unknown, even to Shen-Mu herself.

What is known about her, is that she was born with pale white skin and blonde hair. Opposed to the dark skin and hair of shamans. Her skin burned easily in the sun, forcing her to wear a cloak when out in the sun. At the  age of 4 years old, she came down with a mysterious illness, that eventually took her sight. After a year of living in fear of the constant darkness before her and struggling from her illness, her body overcame it, and the girl no longer showed fear. No one knows how it had happened, whether it was a latent ability that the shaman's possess and only Shen-Mu achieved or it is a result of the rumour behind her birth, she had gained an ability to sense the lives of others. Down to the smallest insect or largest animal, she can sense the world around her as long as living things are near.

She now wanders about the city of Barbarossa, either alone or with her bodyguards, who protect her with her life.


She is a quiet girl, yet carefree. Rarely concerning herself with serious issues or danger, she prefers to spend her time alone with nature, wandering aimlessly, or spending a long about of time meditating.

She knows very little about the modern age or modern slang and metaphors.

She also has trouble understanding boundries or personal space. She has a habit of touching people's bodies and faces when she first meets them, saying she can read them like braille, learning their personality with a touch; she is very accurate when she does this.

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