Basic Info
Age Unknown
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Physical and Sentient Manifestation of Computer Data
Classification Computer Virus
Affiliation None
Chumhandle ???
Origin World BLN
Powers Power to Corrupt reality's "data", Power to physically corrupt objects
Weapons None.
Equipment None.
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Hefewy

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Data CorruptionEdit

As a physical, living entity, Sasser is subject to the laws of reality. However, this also means that her aura of data corruption is also in the realm of reality. Being able to control data corruption allows Sasser to destroy physical objects extremely efficiently, and even allows her to tear down the laws of reality for small periods of time, with enough effort. For example, in a fight, Sasser could simply "throw" bolts of pure Data Corruption at a target, causing them to take damage almost akin to that of a severe chemical burn. However, in the same situation, she could also break the law of reality that says that bullets are able to only travel in one direction. The latter is extremely taxing on the Virus, however, and that sort of power is only used in dire situations.

Data DrainEdit

While she can simply destroy data, Sasser is also capable of absorbing it into herself. By simply touching an electronic device, she is able to learn everything about it, such as seeing every channel showing on television at once, or instantly reading an entire webpage. This has been extremely useful to Sasser, who was completely lost in reality when she arrived.


Despite her corrosive existence as a Virus, Sasser can be rather "normal". Due to her use of Data Drain, she has already learned a great deal from the world of Rigel Prima, and seems to know as much as any normal person, save for a few things such as love and hate and other similarly vague concepts. In fact, Sasser could be considered more human than not, having learnt to experience emotion and free thought. 

Sasser is a rather lazy, laid-back woman with a penchant for simply lazilly asking to borrow money from people with the promise of paying back, only for her to never be seen by that person again. She enjoys getting into trouble, and has even spent more than a few days in a jail cell. 


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Relationship GuideEdit

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  • (Character) - Lover
  • (Character) - Enemy

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