Masato Jin
Masato Portrait
Basic Info
Age 40, physically 27
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Human/Data-Being
Classification Go-buster, Senshi/Ranger
Affiliation Go-busters, Enetron Co.
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Tokumei Sentai Go-busters
Powers Data reformation
Weapons Morphin Blaster, Driblade
Equipment BC-04- Go-buster Beet(Mecha)
Status Active/Deceased
Face Claim N/A
Player Ivory

Jin Masato, also known as Beet Buster  is member of the Tokumei Sentai Go-busters, and responsible for deisgning and inventing the majority of their arsenal.  During the final battle against Enter, Masato's body was converted entirely into data, the data disappearing, he was presummed dead by the other Go-busters, but he currently exists as Data cards scattered across the continent of Belle'Ayn.  His main conciousness is contained in Data Card 7, which his BuddyRoid Beet J. Stag is currently searching for.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tumblr m5w6o3o9Hy1qhya5no1 500

Masato as Beet Buster piloting Go-buster Beet

As a Data-human, if a buddyroid has the Data Card containing his conciousness, the buddyroid can create a hard light Holographic Avatar, allowing him to interact with the Physical world.  He's effectively immortal due to this fact, however if the Data card is destroyed, he'll cease to exist.

Using his Morphin Blaster, with the assistance of Beet J. Stag projecting parts of his armor onto his body, Jin can become Beet Buster.  Beet Buster has enhanced durability when compared to Jin's normal Hard-light Avatar body, Enhanced Strength and Reflexes.  He has energy powered attacks.


An odd and playful individual, Masato enjoys creating machines with little quirks behind them, often declaring Perfection to be boring.  It's not common for him to take many situations seriously, often disregarding rule and any authority figures so that he can just have some fun. 


After the final battle with Enter, the remaining Data of Masato's mind and body flew into a rift as 7 data cards, 3 of which are now in the possession of the mysterious Enetron Co. that formed recently in Equestria, the Data from Jin furthering their research on Enetron.  Three of the other data cards have been found by the other Go-busters, each of them holding onto one of them.  Beet J. Stag is co-operating with Enetron Co. and The other Go-busters in an attempt to find the 7th card, containing Masato's conciousness.

Relationship GuideEdit

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