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Basic Info
Age 22
Birthday January 5
Gender Female
Race Human
Classification Mutant
Affiliation None
Chumhandle ???
Origin World BLN
Powers Supernatural Strength
Weapons None
Equipment A bomber jacket
Status Active
Face Claim NA
Player Preacher (Player)

A mutant, runaway and self-proclaimed defender of the downtrodden, Kifa is a Kamerian with the goal of making life better for whoever she meets, not letting her deformed body get in the way of that.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Mutated Arm Edit

Kifa's giant, clawed arm may be grotesque and hideous, but that doesn't mean it's extremely potent in battle and intimidation. Her claws are incredibly hard and sharp, able to put deep gashes through a tank's armor, if she wished. In addition, it possesses incredibly strong muscles, allowing her to lift and throw things much heavier than her.

Mutated Legs Edit

Like her arm, Kifa's legs are grotesquely mutated and transformed. They're hideous, but they allow her to sprint, or rather gallop, at speeds up to 60 miles per-hour, and leap incredible distances.


A cheerful, helpful soul who doesn't let her appearance get her down. She actively goes around the poorer areas of cities in hopes to improve someone's life in some way, whether it be by imparting some wisdom or beating a druglord into the dirt. However, she has a bit of a temper, prone to yelling and violent outbursts at times.


When Kifa was but a child, she had a run in with a sadistic scientist who had been preying on the homeless for some time. Being just a child, she of course stood no chance... The scientist decided to test his latest experiment on her, which had killed his previous patients. It was a serum, that when injected, forced incredibly bizarre mutations in the subject's body. When Kifa awoke, she was changed, a massive arm and two deformed legs attached to her.

Since then, she has been traveling from place to place, hoping to save anyone else from the same fate she suffered.

Relationship GuideEdit

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