Julia Brandt
Ss (2014-01-31 at 04.06.26)
Basic Info
Age 25
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Human
Classification Police officer
Affiliation TBW
Chumhandle ???
Origin World BLN
Powers Gravity Manipulation
Weapons Sword
Equipment None
Status Active
Face Claim Mina Hazuki (Darker Than Black)
Player Hefewy

A strict and to-the-book police officer, specializing in anti-terrorism and anti-gang warfare.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Gravity Manipulation: Julia has the ability to control, intensify and nullify gravity in an area anywhere from 5 x 5 meters to 450 x 450 meters. However, the larger the area, the weaker the effect, naturally. Julia is able to take down opponents by doing such things as intensifying the gravity underneath them to crushing levels, nullifying gravity to incapacitate them, and so on.

Swordplay: Julia, in addition to her supernatural abilities, is also extremely adept at close-combat with blades. Her primary weapons are knives and a katana.


Julia is an extremely businesslike, serious individual. She puts her job as a keeper of the peace before everything else, especially her emotions, and is often called 'emotionless' because of her serious nature. However, outside of her job, she shows a rather obvious attraction to those of the same gender, not afraid to flirt shamelessly with anyone she finds attractive, with no regard to the feelings of them or those close to them.

However, while on the job, while she may be a tad bit reserved in her emotions, she shows an enjoyment of intimidating and/or scaring her foes, especially lowlives and gangsters who think they're tough enough to take her on.



Relationship GuideEdit

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