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Jade Mer, known to friends as just Jade, is the poster formerly known as Eris, known to post on the rest of the chan as a plethora of characters, many of which she wants to play.

Player Information Edit

Originally known as Eris, Jade began her posting career on the Ponychan imageboard in early 2011, having come into the My Little Pony fandom in late 2010.

Despite her love of roleplaying, Jade never ventured into the threads of the /rp/ board, being content to stick with posting in /oat/ and /chat/ (later, /nsfw/ and then /chat/ again). It was not until she became acquainted with Astra that she was invited into the Better Layton Never fold and her roleplaying shenanigans met their start.

Though at first insistent that she did not have the time to do an involved roleplay, an insistence that set back her joining of the BLN Discord server by several months, once inside she quickly adapted to the atmosphere, making quick friends with the members of the canon (most notably her 'Best Friend' Grell, a randomly assigned position, almost held by Sasuun, that was quickly made true.)

Before taking part in the BLN roleplay itself, even before having any idea what characters she would wish to play, Jade spent a couple months in the Discord server, at time inactive, at times interacting with other members, but in general having a good time. Though not entirely a people person, she was quick to befriend several members of BLN, and while she is not necessarily on bad footing with any of members, there are only a few with which she feels she has made a lasting connection. Her aforementioned 'Best Friend' Grell, Jo (of the Toast), and Dom.

For those outside of the BLN server, Jade can usually be seen on /oat/ and /chat/. Don't expect to recognize her immediately, however, as she often changes her name and tripcode. She is often known for her refusal to change her character's name and trip after finishing posting as them in the current thread, and can often be recognized through that. As such her names and trips will be catalogued in another section.

History Edit

While Jade has technically been roleplaying since early 2010 (at the age of 13), before joining BLN her experiences were few and far between outside of personal roleplays. Despite this she hasn't seemed to have lost any of her ability to do so, and now only suffers a lack of time and/or energy.


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Fantasy Costco!DealsS.B0c







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