Eridan Ampora
Hero mode
Basic Info
Age 10 sweeps
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Troll
Classification Pirate
Affiliation Sea Trolls
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Homestuck
Powers Hope Powers, Underwater Prowess
Weapons Ahab's Crosshairs, White Science Wand
Equipment Sylladex
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Grell

An antagonist from the webcomic Homestuck, Eridan Ampora is the marine-faring egomaniac who often finds or causes misfortune to himself or others. Being a troll of high and royal blood, Eridan dreams of domination of those he deems lesser than himself. Callous and self-interested, the sea troll often thinks of nothing but himself and his own happiness.

Eridan speaks with a strange wavy accent, marked in text by his need to place an extra w or v in place of a word holding either.

Ex: Wwhatevver this could be, he also has an inclination to drop a g from a wword endin in '-ing' as wwell.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Prince of Hope: Eridan actively can utilize his inherent abilities gained from playing the game SGRUB to channel his power over hope to destroy. This encapsulates destroying other people's hope, his own hope, or the hope of others, as well as using the power of hope to destroy others, which is channeled through his White Science Wand.

Sea Troll: Being a creature of the sea, Eridan can breath and swim underwater. He's resistant to colder temperatures and can dive fairly deep. Unfortunately, he is not hardy enough to dive into the darkest depths of the ocean. Such resistance to pressure in the ocean makes him even hardier on land, giving him a high constitution for taking normally grievous damage (such as gunshot wounds).

Mariner: Accomplished seafarer and knowledgeable about ocean warfare and travel.

Crackshot: Capable of using rifles and guns.

Sylladex: As a player of SGRUB, Eridan has an inventory system which acts similarly to hammerspace. This system cannot be detected or tampered with by anyone other than himself on his whim. And and all items he keeps in his Sylladex disappear and reappear at his will.

Hemotype: Eridan has 'royal' purple blood which considered second highest on the hemospectrum of Troll society.


Being a fan of historical conquerors and military, Eridan aspires to rise to his fated place as contributing to the Troll's long history of domination over other planets and people. He holds a natural disdain towards any sentient creature which is not a troll, and even holds those of his own race in contempt relative to what blood type they are on the troll hemospectrum, which is how troll society ranks in caste.

In addition to this, Eridan also loathes 'land dwellers', people and creatures who live on the land and destroy their environment of both land and sea with the waste they produce. All of these factors combine into a strong genocidal impulsion for Eridan, making him quite violent and callous (even dismissive) of death.

Amidst all this hatred Eridan holds within himself, the troll also seeks relationships to fill his relationship quadrants. Quadrants are a complex Troll social structure, requiring a number of potential mates to fill each slot for a successful troll. Eridan, being a hopeless romantic, often is too pushy or desperate to fill any of these slots, but will actively try when he feels something can match up to his needs.


Eridan arrived on the planet Rigel Prima not from a rift on the planet but from space itself, crash landing in the middle of Po-Koro. Having nothing but his weaponry and ruthlessness, Eridan actively worked his way up to obtaining a ship and a crew called the 'Sea Trolls' to generate funds and terrorize the populace of the planet of Rigel Prima as he works his way up to planetwide domination.

Plundering, kidnapping, hijacking, looting, stealing; Eridan employs every underhanded means of generating money. In canon Eridan has stolen family heirlooms and treasures from the Mountainclouds of Valorcall, and had even atempted kidnapping ponies in Equestria for intent to sell as slaves on the black market in Po-Koro. Eridan was thrwarted in this attempt and arrested, but later was broken out of prison by his crew and narrowly managed to escape Equestria and Belle'Ayn.

Eridan also proves to visit the Stormwall to sell his plundered goods on the markets there, mixing in his ill-gotten treasures with what is salvaged from the Wall. These funds apply towards improving his ship for more active and destructive measures to take on the world itself, but for now, the troll attempts playing his cards on the downlow until his position as a conquerer is strategtically viable.

Relationship GuideEdit

  • Gamzee Makara: Old 'friend' from SGRUB, mostly ambivalent towards.

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