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Equestria S1E01

A country located in Belle'Ayn of Rigel Prima, currently ruled jointly by the Equestrian Alicorns Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Equestria hosts the cradle of the canon of BLN itself, the locations of Wayne Manor and Town located within its boundaries.

Equestria the country had once been part of its own world until a disaster fell upon the land, uprooting a chunk of the main country itself and placing it in the center of Belle'Ayn 500 years prior to the start of the canon. Rift instability still plagues the area from time to time and remains wholly inconsistent and chaotic.

There are four major locations listed within the country itself:

  • Canterlot - The Capitol city with a high Equestrian (pony) population.
  • Ponyville - A native pony town housing the elements of harmony.
  • Oatville - The first of two settlements created for the misplaced refugees from Rigel Prima's rifts. In disrepair and decrepit from lawlessness and abuse of the people who once had lived there.
  • Town - The second of two settlements made for refugees of the rifts; the most populous and successful of the two.

Trivia Edit

  • Metaphorically, Equestria also represents Ponychan and MLPchan to the players, the ponies having facilitated the canon existing in the first place.
  • Technically as Wayne Manor exists as its own country, it is not part of Equestria but instead nested inside it.
  • Equestria has verdant and rich soil tended by diligent Earth Ponies, making Equestria the biggest agricultural breadbasket in Belle'Ayn.
  • While many disasters and wars led by villains have been done on its soil and against the citizens, Equestria has never waged a political war with any other established country in Rigel Prima.

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