Dr. Zoidberg
Basic Info
Age Over 86
Birthday May 5th
Gender Male
Race Decapodian
Classification "Doctor", Part-Time Nuisance
Affiliation Homeless Folk
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Futurama
Powers Removable Exoskeleton, Ink Gland, Stink Gland, Four Hearts
Weapons Claws
Equipment Surgical Equipment
Status MIA
Face Claim N/A
Player Jo Of The Toast

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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Zoidberg is considered to be the most caring and innocent member of the crew. He is a sweet and lovable guy who just wants a friend to hang out with but for some reason most people dislike him, especially Hermes. Despite this, Zoidberg considers everyone to be his friend. He is portrayed as a dumb, incompetent doctor due to his frequent surgical mishaps and misdiagnoses but he shows he is far from stupid as he shows he has knowledge in alien anatomy (not human, though he is a self-proclaimed "human expert") and has a Ph.D. in Art History. He does not even have the guts to stand up to bullies and instead acts in a cowardly fashion towards them. He tries his hardest to prove that he is a trustworthy guy and he is constantly nice towards other people. The ostracism he receives from the Planet Express crew and society causes him to be a very lonely person. He is even very unaware that Hermes bullies him constantly and he does not dare to ask Hermes why he hates him so much.


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Relationship GuideEdit

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