Dorhmel Garzanox
Basic Info
Age ~700
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Demon
Classification Demon Noble, Gluttony Demon
Affiliation Independant
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Hell
Powers Super Strength, speed, ability to consume any organic material, ability to consume demon's souls.
Weapons Claws, magic, teeth
Equipment None
Status Active
Face Claim Remilia Scarlet
Player Hefewy

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Dorhmel, as a highborn demon, has access to a multitude of magic and enhanced physical ability, despite her small size. She often uses those skills to utilize magically-sharpened claws or teeth, and occasionally uses magic traditionally, at a distance.

After she was taught the secrets to cannibalizing fellow demon's souls, she quickly began to take on quite gluttonous powers as well. With her newfound hunger, she began to utilize simply devouring her opponents, often tearing them to pieces while they were still alive.


Dorhmel is incredibly sadistic, immature, self-absorbed and power-hungry. She loves nothing more than toying with her prey, even going as far as getting sexual gratification from the act. While she is power-hungry, she often goes after those that can't defend themselves easily, revelling in her power over them before consuming them. 

She also seems to have a bit of a jealousy problem, which appears to be a recurring theme in the Leviathan bloodline. 


Dorhmel was the exiled younger sister of Alice. When Dorhmel's envy of her father's love towards her siblings grew too great for her to handle, she finally snapped, systematically killing off and eating each of them, subsequently also gaining their power. That is, except for Alice.

Ever since they were young, Dorhmel had an incredible infatuation with her sister, the heir to the throne, to the point of desiring sexual relations with her. Due to this, Alice was spared... however, once Dorhmel was exiled, her love for her sister only grew more potent, and much more deviant. She swore with all her might that she and Alice would become one... one way or another. 

Relationship GuideEdit

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