A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Basic Info
Age 22
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Nobody
Classification Reporter
Affiliation Town Press (newspaper)
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Kingdom Hearts
Powers Hydromanipulation, Darkness
Weapons Sitar
Equipment Notepad, pen, camera
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Grell

Demyx is a character from the series Kingdom Hearts who acted an antagonist in the sequel Kingdom Hearts 2.

An upbeat and unfettered individual, Demyx just flows through day to day and does what he can to keep up a consistent means of living.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Hydromancy: Demyx can use his sitar to summon and manipulate water to his will.

Darkness Manipulation: Using his abilities learned as a Nobody, Demyx can use darkness to travel to places he's been before.

Music Man: Demyx is an accomplished sitar player and plays very well.


Ditzy and lazy, Demyx is quite a free and artistic spirit who focuses on his art. While Demyx had a poor work ethic, he does eventually do jobs he's tasked with some semblance of effort.

Demyx stresses on avoiding conflict but has a small inkling of what is right and wrong. When pressed in a situation that can end in his inevitable death, Demyx fights and fights with all he's got.


Demyx was first introduced as one of the holders of the Dragon Balls that Rocks had met while on his quest to collect them. At first Demyx was unwilling to give up the Dragon Ball he held, but with some well-placed words and a wellmeaning redhead, somehow he managed to endear himself to the Nobody and became friends with him.

After being brought back to the mansion, Demyx lazed about and got a job at the Town Press as a reporter. As it synced up with his original job as a recon agent of Organization XIII, the job appealed to him.

Demyx was involved with the Ojin attack on the mansion, and upon reporting on his experience rose to the ranks of a top reporter of the press. With his ability to travel so far and so easily, his utility in Town as a reporter is indispensable.

Relationship GuideEdit

Rocks: First friend made in Rigel Prima.

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