I uploaded this specifically for my player page
Basic Info
Status Active
Member Since Sometime in 2014, I honestly forgot
Roleplay Time Est. 4 years (estimated because I'm an idiot who can't remember things)
Contact Details
Steam Name Beat
E-mail My email addresses are stupid and embarassing
Other Skype: alex.nappier

Player InformationEdit

Beat is some massive homo who likes video games and getting disproportionately angry at things for no apparent reason.

Also Peacock is her waifu.


Beat posted words on the internet on the Ponechannings and then her budy Cameron told her to post words on the MLPchannings and then she did.

List of CharactersEdit

Dudes What I Made Up Edit

Dudes What I Didn't Make UpEdit

Other DudesEdit

  • ur mom lol

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