Ant Capone
Basic Info
Age Usually around Mid 20's
Birthday various
Gender Usually Male
Race Ant Cyborg Monster
Classification Kaijin
Affiliation GOD, Black Satan, Foundation X, Cobra
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Kamen Rider
Powers Durable Exoskeleton, ability to parody Al Capone
Weapons Thompson Submachine Gun
Equipment Cellphone probably
Status Various
Face Claim N/A
Player Ivory

Ant Capone, while in his original universe a unique entity is, in this universe, simply a member of the many numbering Ant Capone Family.

Every Member of this family is near identical, albeit with such a short life span among them it's unknown how identical their personalities are.

Only one Ant Capone actively participates in criminal activities at a time, the others laying back and relaxing until the current one dies, creating the illusion of an undying "Insect Mobster".

Yo Billy, James died, you're the main Baddie now

–One Ant Capone to another upon the death of "Ant Capone"

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ability to create cartridges for Thompson Submachine Guns from own body
  • Durable against normal Gunfire
  • Decent Poker face


When Ant Capone's aren't seen together in a bar, gambling and watching TV drunkingly together, they're in the field fighting against whatever forces of Good are active for whatever major "Evil Organization" is at the forefront at the time, acting as caricatures of their historical basis "Al Capone"


For the Original, see the Kamen Rider Wiki's article: Ant Capone

The Original Ant Capone when arriving in Rigel Prima met up with an alternate universe variant of himself, he was shocked to find in that universe he was just one of many in an "Ant Capone Hive" that few knew about. Eventually he'd integrate into this "Hive" until his death at the hands of a Vigilante in The Town.

Ant Capones have been spotted working at and dining at the restaurant "Villaines" on occasion.

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