Amanda Werner
Tumblr m6gs9e93qu1qhek23o1 500
Basic Info
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Human
Classification Former Chief of Police
Affiliation Town Police Department
Chumhandle ???
Origin World
Status Inactive
Face Claim
Player Star

"By Man's Law and Steel, I will see this city brought to Order." - Quoted from Amanda Werner's induction speech

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Chief of Police


No nonsense and capable of placing even Sephiroth on edge, Amanda was not one to back down. Strong in will, she led the TPD to succeed than be a non-entity.


With a hand of dauntless steel and nerves to match, Amanda Werner completely restructured and reoriented the TPD from top to bottom. She discarded its older, antiquated design for a newer, more proficient structure capable of dealing with the many demands placed upon it by the city.

Relationship GuideEdit

  • (Character) - Friend
  • (Character) - Lover
  • (Character) - Enemy

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