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Basic Info
Age Over 900 years old
Birthday 5/7/???
Gender Female
Race Kitsune
Classification Myobu
Affiliation Myobu
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Rigel Prima/ Mo'galile
Powers Terramancy, Cryomancy
Weapons Hammer of Earth
Equipment Worm Silk Kimono
Status Active
Face Claim Tamamo (Monster Girl Quest)
Player Ivory

Allie Inarison, known as Reineke or Reynard in certain circles, is the kitsune master of the Mountain Element. As such she has varying degrees of control over snow and Earth and has her life focused around teaching these magics to other people.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Terramancy- Varying degrees of control over the Earth
  • Cryomancy- Magic control over ice and snow
  • Mountain Mimicry- Ability to use her elemental abilities in tandem with her shapeshifting to literally become her element temporarily, a skill used by all Kitsune Myobu.
  • Schmutzige Tatzen Martial Arts- A Form of martial arts centered around strong and powerful strikes and sturdy defenses, invented by Allie to serve as a basis for heavy weaponry wielders and to focus her own elemental abilities with.


Wise and knowledgeable from a long life of trial in error when it comes to everything in life, Allie tries her very best to spread the knowledge she has on things such as morality, fighting, and even art, if only because she doesn't want to see someone else on a crash and repeat course for 900 years.

That said she's not all serious business twenty four seven, some of her favorite hobbies include dancing, pranking the harpies of the village she lives in, and sparring with family members.


Early in her life, Allie focused a lot on what many kitsune do, in between bits and pieces of study, the fox would prank people of her town, and as she got older, being a full on trickster among the people of the small town she lived in. Eventually she got kicked out of her old small town when her pranks went too far.

Moving to at least two separate towns before she eventually started studying Mountain magic, she'd changed her name to something else on each move.

Eventually she started going by Allie again after, with newly learned mountain magic and even mastery of the element, she helped the Harpies defend their rare hospitable spot in the Tundra from the bee girls, although during this she gained another alias, the nickname "Dirty Paws." of which she named her martial art after.

Eventually a young doppelganger named "Glimmer Snuggler" met Allie, and the two became Master and Student.

Relationship GuideEdit

  • Glimmer Snuggler - student

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