Aerith Delcura
Basic Info
Age 23
Birthday 1/1/1993
Gender Female
Race Kitsune
Classification Scientist
Affiliation Apex Force
Chumhandle smithingCure
Origin World Rigel Prima
Powers Shapeshifting, genius intellect
Weapons Various guns
Equipment Various Kanohi
Status Active
Face Claim Nanashi by Shirogane Usagi
Player Ivory

Aerith Delcura, is an inventor and mask smith, having successfully made Kanohi masks usable by the common person. For awhile, Aerith lied about her age and name, claiming to be a 75 year old Mononymous kitsune, but eventually she revealed the truth, that she was the 23 year old heir of the Delcura family, and thus, a xavarian princess.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Aerith has mild magic and shapeshifting skills, but isn't that skilled in Kitsune magics yet, instead having devoted her last few years of study to weapons development and Kanohi mask crafting.


Aerith is very easily excited and whenever she's not embroiled in work loves to get out and about and do things. Aside from her devotion to research and discovery, she, over everything else, wants to have fun in life. She values freedom and the ability to choose her own path in life more than anything, as such she hates the ideas of predestination and inheritance. She lives to just do what she wants to do.


As the princess on Queen Delcura's side of Xavara's monarchy, Aerith was only given the very best education, but her interests quickly deviated from the classes she'd been assigned to groom her for Royalty. As with many a kitsune her mind was filled with the spirit of inquisitiveness, discovery, and above all invention. So she decided to study energized protodermis and kanohi, curious to see if she could cause kanohi effects to become active for non-Toa beings. This inquisitiveness often led her to sneaking out of the sight of her assigned protector and "butler", Narmoto, her experiments often leading to explosive results.

Eventually she ended up in The Town due to an experimental swapping spell, and has since set up shop with Sasuun Vongola and joined up with Apex Force as a member of the group's scientific department. A few months into dating Sasuun, the truth finally came out and she confessed her history to her boyfriend, who managed to convince her to confront her Mother about what she wanted.

Relationship GuideEdit

  • Sasuun Vongola - Boyfriend/person she has to make sure is wearing pants.

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