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Basic Info
Age 4 (Appears 12-14)
Birthday ???
Gender Appears Female
Race Vokoban
Classification Interdimensional Alien Parasite
Affiliation Wayne Manor
Origin World Unknown
Powers Unknown
Weapons None
Equipment None
Status Active
Face Claim Saya (Saya no Uta)
Player Hefewy

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Ada appears to be a 'muggle'. Simply a small girl without a home who was adopted into the mansion.


Ada is cheerful, carefree, and innocent as can be. She enjoys sweets and dolls and stuffed animals, as any girl her age would.

She also seems to be quite adept at sewing and crafting stuffed animals, as cute teddy bears and such continually appear in her room.


From what she's said herself, Ada has no parents or family, and has lived in a hospital's basement, being cared for by a kind doctor for nearly her whole life. She seemed content with her life there, but since the doctor stopped coming down to feed and care for Ada, she knew she had to leave. The mansion was the first place she came across, and luckily they took her in.

Relationship GuideEdit

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